Interplanetary Mythology

In the beginning, there was nothing but a great and pregnant Darkness, comprised of the essence of all things that are, will be, and ever were. A thing of pure anti-matter. Pure divinity. These things did Darkness conceal until the moment that Light burst forth, no longer content to dwell within the orderly nothingness. Light and Dark dance an eternal tango, balanced between chaos and order. In their balancing act, the two True Divines gave birth to the Creator, Yaldabaoth.

Yaldabaoth, a thing of unthinking potentiality, was the first inheritor of divinity. Born of Light and Dark, its confused inner nature brought forth roiling turmoil that would explode outward and become the Universe. Senseless and mad, the Creator perverted the nature of the Divine, tainting the divine spark with matter.

Yaldabaoth produced an infinite amount of worlds and realities and flung them into a great ring around itself, and would just as quickly reabsorb its creations in an endless cycle of birth and destruction. Reality was in a constant flux, with some of the created things existing for millennia before being reclaimed while others existed for only the smallest increments of time. It breathed life into countless entities only to swallow them back up into its folds.

Some of these created beings managed to escape recollection by the Creator. These things, possessing a great amount of the Divine, were titanic powers themselves. Gods, even. A small cabal of these beings came together to plot against their Creator so that they may continue to exist, and so they bound Yaldabaoth in a torus knot prison so that it may no longer wantonly create and destroy. They usurped this purview and took it upon themselves to shape this new and stable reality as they saw fit.

These beings, false gods before the True Divine, are the Archons. There are 13 of them dispersed throughout space and time, minding their own business and relishing the freedom gained by their theft. They went on to form their own cycles of creation an destruction. The goals of these ancient beings include the creation of their own cycles, worlds, an cosmic struggles.

One of these beings, known by many as The Great Mother, haunted a particular section of the Sea of Stars, experimenting with the creation of life in many forms. From her comes the people of the Green Sector. It is her that shaped the worlds to hold the life she would create and incubate them through evolution so that they could achieve more perfect forms. She experimented long with the Humanoid form, trying multiple times to find a perfect form or a form that could eventually achieve perfection. These template creatures now interact among themselves in the Green Sector. The Great Mother herself dwells into a fertile land folded within the Astral Sea.

These and other created people are inheritors of the spark of the Divine, the Matter of the Creator, and the Will of the Archons. Though individually lacking in these fundamental substances, these peoples would reproduce, spreading the gifts far across the Sea of Stars. In the search for meaning, many turned to the elemental forces around them, praying and offering worship in an attempt to understand the nature of life. Others prayed to their ancestors, whose Souls now dwell in the Astral Sea, in hopes to gain an understanding of legacy and of death. Their prayers and devotion caused their divine nature to interact with and impower these things, giving rise to elemental beings and to powerful ancestors. Some elementals and ancestors received so much devotion through growing cults that they ascended to a state of godhood. The Exalted Ancestors dwell within the Astral Sea within specially carved out archipelagos where their devotees can dwell for eternity.

Chief religions, then, include:
The True Divine
The Demiurge,
Exalted Ancestors,
Ancestor Worship

True Divine.

* At the base, both are complementary opposites. Some faiths, however, have the two in eternal conflict with one another.
* Some worship both beings. Others worship one and vilify the other.
* Faiths contain a wide range of values, from balance to the triumph of Light over Darkness, Darkness over Light, Order vs Chaos, etc. Can be very contentious.
* Some want to return to the pure state of anti-matter and be free of the shackles placed upon us by Yaldabaoth and his Archons.


* The Creator. While the Mother is more popular as a Creator God, Yaldabaoth does receive some tribute as the creator of the universe.
* Some of its worshipers want it unchained so that the true cycle of death and rebirth can continue, as the present reality is an abomination powered by theft.

Exalted Ancestors

* Your standard D&D esque loose pantheons. Planning on using the Monster Mythology book from AD&D 2nd ed for the expanded list of gods. Humans have their own unique pantheon.

Ancestor Worship

* Generally very common. It is well known that the Soul persists after death and that sacrifices and prayers to one’s ancestors both provides the ancestors with power in the afterlife and can result in boons for the living. Maybe great x5 granddad knows how to make seriously amazing cookies and you’re his favorite greatx5 grandchild.
* Enough ancestor worship can result in exaltation into godhood.


* Mommy where do druids come from.
* Though devoid of Souls, worship can give rise to Daemons, divine beings that have no will beyond their base nature and that completely dissipate when they are destroyed. Elemental beings, Fae, etc.

Mind, Body, and Soul.
Soul, Matter, and Spark.

Sea of Stars – Matter
Astral Sea – Soul
The True Divine – Spirit

The fundamental building blocks of the Universe.
The Divine Spark is anti-matter belonging to the True Divine, leaked into the world by Yaldabaoth and its Archons.
Matter was distributed by the creative forces of Yaldabaoth, whh6. Your title here…o also breathed Will into its primordial creations.
Will was then distributed by the Archons among their creations.

The Spark is naturally present in all things, for everything is borne of the Divine. As such, divine beings can manipulate the forces of the world through use of what is called magic. Magic is is the presence of the Divine. Thus, all things can have a touch of magic in them, no matter how small, though it is through the guidance of Will that this can be more broadly shaped. A certain cow may have a sixth sense regarding predators, but the milkmaid can use her Will to shape the Divine into a ball of flame to chase the wolves. Stranger things can happen.

Others may seek to divest themselves of their Divinity. Perhaps they wish to trade away their spark to a powerful being in order to harness some of that being’s power. Perhaps they wish to free themselves of the cycle completely, becoming an abhorrent shell. Free of the Divine as an eternal thing bound to their own free will. Perhaps, through awful curses and self destruction, they have been stripped of their divinity. These wretched things are the Unkindled, beings that dwell between a state of life and death.

Maybe an Archon started this whole business of shedding the Divine and being free.

When you die, your Soul and Spark separates from your Body. The body decays while the rest of you descends into the Astral Sea, the realm of the Soul. The Astral Sea is a vast archipelago of thought that flows through space. Here, Souls congregate in a wide variety of afterlives, many eventually seeking rebirth into the cycle after a period of time. The mechanism for this is descending alone into the Astral Sea and departing from its lands, sailing into the unknown of a new life.
Here is where ancestors may dwell in family lodges that may resemble palaces or more humble villages, snapshots of past ages. Here is where Exalted Ancestors forge kingdoms crafted as heavens for their followers and kindred.

It is said that the closer one comes to the seat of Yaldabaoth in the center of the Universe, the more reality distorts, allowing for the living to travel through the Astral Sea.

Interplanetary Mythology

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