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  • Drakes

    Drakes live on a large world densley populated with cultivated animal life. Originally sent here to serve as custodians for the whole sector by one of the godlike archons, the Dragon Kholstallokk. Left to their own devices, they fell to their insticntual …

  • Nez

    wee little bat/rat people that live on the fringes of Kaerothi society. Treated as literal vermin by then Ks. Tend to be nomadic scavengers.

  • Sekkra

    (from bible) Planet: Very similar to Jurrassic era earth in terms of atmosphere and volcanic activity. Imperialists, wide spread across world. three species, green grey and red, think of the colonization of mexico disperate groups of saurian people …

  • Orthians

    (from bible) Orth. Mostly barren wasteland. Tombworld. One side is cold, black, and quiet. Other is extremely hot and bright Orthians live here. Awoke "recently" cataloged much of the surface. those sent below have yet to return, hundreds of years …

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