Drakes live on a large world densley populated with cultivated animal life. Originally sent here to serve as custodians for the whole sector by one of the godlike archons, the Dragon Kholstallokk. Left to their own devices, they fell to their insticntual vices and began hoarding for themselves. They coveted others’ stuff — soon, started battling for dominance among themselves as well as among other species. The most powerful/wealthy began governing.

Not a huge population. Each dragon requires lots of territory for hunting…and because they heavily prize private property and private ownership.

Architecture: is magically created and tends to be built for and by the individual. Tends to be large, intricate, and self-aggrandizing. Like to construct art that is visible from the sky, much like that Daghda in Ireland.
In later years, took humanoid races as artisens for even more intricate work.
Don’t really build houses…tend to lair underground or in magically sustained floating islands for the more magically inclined.
Not naturally inclined to be organized, but can be for great tasks. Will defer to dominant members and can form parties to engage in a work activity.
Like organized warefair and gathering, though they like to show off.
Built vaults of stuff on each planet and various moons.
Explored solar system, started claiming worlds of others. Assigned planetary governors and subordinates. Mostly successful with a few kinks here ande htere.
Would attack nearest spheres, establish themselves, spread, repeat.
Got good at astronomy, plotting invasions when close to planet in orbit.
Drakes inhabit a warm, mountainous planet with several moons and wild tidal and tectonnic activity. Hot. Humid.

Often act like nobles stuck at massive ball. Jewelry is popular. Don’t really have cities…more like plazas that can be flown to within a day’s time. Highly magical creatures.

Food used to be much more plentiful, but they, well, no, they understand livestock, now. Things were free range, but shrinking territory disputes had to fence and wall. Not great builders but good designers, architects, and interior decorators.

Governance was once more grand and feudally with a great Tyrant commanding loyalty from others until they were dethroned. They could demand service, wealth.

The last tyrant ruled for many centuries. Tyrant Hakeeth Sianria died suddenly during the Uprising.
(Changes have been made to naming conventions)
Rulership quietly disinitgrated into a loose confederation of provincial states. So it remains today.

Fricatives didn’t previously exist in their language, but its a fad to adopt them into words and names these days. Marks you as immature to older drakes.

(from bible)
Planet: Skavist, an airy blue sphere, massive and misty and balmy. Massive underground cave systems. Core keeps the planet warm and toasty.

Long time tyrants of the local system. “colonized” the inhabited planets, most heavily for the purpose of loot and slaves.


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