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Tidally locked planet. Mostly deep ocean with a mass of giant volcanoes and resulting archipelago. Massive number of islands. some quite large. How large? Finland large? Australia?
Kinda – broadly – Russian and Polynesian in character. Maybe expand to East Euro/Polynesia.

People tend to be copper, bronze skinned. Most hair types are dark, though various colors are likely.

Mineral poor, but society with substantial metal tend to dominate. these also tend toward agriculture.
oceans filled with great leviathans, hunted for their flesh, bones and oil.

Flora tends toward tropical Fauna similar to polynesia

Rminder- most life hre tends to cme from the same source…so they’re probably close to other creatures found elsewhere.

raid/war is common, some families are trying to unite the isles

after years of draconic governance and stagnation

religion – varies. Ocean/Sky/Land god group for some, others hold sun/moons, others worship volcanoes, animisit, or ancestral.

women rule land, men rule the sea. why

(from bible)

Homeworld – Tidally locked water world. ost inhabited areas lie in a massive archipelago along the Gloaming Sea- a band of twilight between an eternal night and a storm wracked day. Mineral poor.
Many, many islands. Thousands. Millions, maybe. Many cultures of humans. Tend toward copper skin tones.
Not unified, though there are groups concentrating on doing tjust that…
ocean filled with megafauna, hunted for food, bones, oil.
women tend to rule the land, men rule the wave.s often joint venture between man and wife. most are monogamous.
famous divergences
mostly a feudal society, where years of warlording has given rise to a semi stable system of inherited fiefdoms.
kind of a mix of polynesians and russians
metal poor
vast and dispersed flora and fauna, much of which shows galapagos like evolution
Humans are seen as very adaptable, adventurous, and unpredictable. Good sailers and farmers who can excel at anything they set their mind to.

religion..some worship ancestors, volcanoes, mother goddess of the earth, father god of the sky.
In recent years, there has been wars attempting unify the islands.


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